Saturday, 3 September 2011

Film Review: (500) Days of Summer.

Today I had the joy, heavy on the sarcasm, of watching the film (500) days of summer. The film features to main characters, Tom the hoplessly in love fool that all men of my current situation are suppost to relate to. And Summer the ex girlfriend he cant get over. The main plot features tom's life as he is hoplessly mind fucked by the stupidly complex Summer.
I mean don't get me wrong everbody likes a good chic Flick where everyone ends up happyly married at the end (such as the lovable manwhore marrying his best friend in made of honor) But in this heart wrenching wreck of a movie you wait for the romance to happen and it just never does. Forgive me if im wrong but I thought that movie where suppost to make you feel good. Not fuck with your head and make you think of ex girlfriends, believe me this isnt a film ill watch again in a very very very long time.

As per my own unwritten rules I feel I should at least say one thing that I liked about the movie and that would be the soundtrack, full to the brim of indie and post punk rock music it made up for some of the films distaste... but only a little.

Id rate the film a 3/10 which for me is quite a low rating.

Signing off, thanks for reading.
Niall Haley

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